Glide over the rails in comfort between six of Andalucia's great centres - Seville, Cadiz, Ronda, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba.

On our "Al Andalus" odyssey everything is organised for your comfort and ease of travel. You'll enjoy a dazzling array of iconic places, authentic experiences and epicurean delights.


Modern, cosmopolitan and lively, Malaga has come of age. Urban rejuvenation began with the opening of the Picasso Museum in a superb C16th villa. The city boasts some 20 museums & galleries; the Carmen Thyssen Art Museum, a new Pompidou Centre, a Museum of Russian Art. Malaga is also home to the 'Alcazaba', an impressive moorish fortresses and 'Jardin La Concepcion', one of Europe's best tropical gardens. The monumental Roman theatre and splendid Cathedral are easily found on a stroll around the pedestrianised old town, it's narrow alleys packed with cafes and restaurants. Calle Marqués de Larios, a elegant, marble-paved thoroughfare has handsome architecture, pavement cafes and smart boutiques. The seafront offers beaches, seafood eateries and a walkway by the sparkling sea. 


The Alhambra and the Albaycín are situated on two adjacent hills which form the medieval part of Granada. To the east of the Alhambra are the magnificent gardens of the Generalife, former residence of the emirs who ruled this part of Spain in C13th & C14th. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site this awe inspiring blend of Moorish and Christian architecture is a national treasure. The residential district of the Albaycín is a rich blend of Moorish and traditional Andalusian architecture. Further up into the hills you can visit Sacramonte where local people continue to live in traditional cave houses built into the rock.  The folk museum is a complex of 10 caves, offering an insight into gypsy life & tradition, crafts & food and music. There are great views over Granada and the Alhambra. 


Set on an outcrop of cliffs, high above vineyards and orchards, Ronda wears an air of grandeur. Queen of the white villages of the region, Ronda has been an inspiration to centuries of poets and artists, writers and Hollywood stars. Ronda retains the feel of an ancient citadel with it's fortified walls and huge entrance gates. This small town is split by a dramatic gorge spanned by an awe inspiring bridge - "Puente Nuevo", towering nearly 400 feet above the river below. On one side of the gorge, the historic quarter recalls the Arab age, with a charming medieval palaces, religious buildings, boutique hotels and cobbled streets.  Across the gorge, modern Ronda dates from the C16th with historic buildings such as the celebrated bull ring, wonderful places to dine, shop and marvel at the sublime views.


As the capital of Islamic Spain, Cordoba dazzled the world with its civilised air, paved streets, libraries, public baths, perfumes, spices and silks. It's doctors were second to none and it's mathematicians and philosophers became the intellectual lifelines between the Middle East and Europe. This was a highly sophistocated and civilised centre where Muslims, Christians and Jews prospered, living side by side. The Mezquita is the central Mosque and one of the wonders of European architecture. When Cordoba was reclaimed by the Christians during re-conquest of Andalucia, they built a Renaissance cathedral inside the mosque - a magnificent if bizarre marriage under one roof. Cordoba retains a small town charm with all the sights easily accessible on foot. In the evening take a stroll across the Roman Bridge over the River Guadalquivir and look back at the illuminated Mesquita.


Andalucia's capital radiates energy and warmth all year round.  Azure blue skies provide the background to the Mudejar architecture, iconic public buildings, lush sub-tropical planting of parks & lively neighbourhood bars, where locals and visitors rub shoudlers. Seville is a passionate and vibrant place; famed for flamenco, bullfighting and Bizet’s Carmen. As you stroll around, you feel as if you have stepped back in time. Major sights include the Giralda Tower, Alcazar Real and Cathedral. Take a guided tour of the city's impressive monuments and discover the global influence, dramatic history and cultural melting pot of the city. Seville is compact enough to explore on foot - a delightful a maze of cobbled streets and white-washed houses, dotted with orange tree filled squares and public gardens. Of course, you'll be stopping frequently to sample tapas and local refreshments. Triana, the old gypsy heart of the city offers live performances of flamenco music and dance. Although it may seem cliched to watch a flamenco show in Andalucia - don’t miss out - Seville may be the best choice.


This ancient town projects itself into the Atlantic. It has an atmosphere that is invigorating and joyful - with the sound and scent of the sea ever present. The cuisine of Cadiz is focussed on the vine and the ocean; blending both traditional and inventive modern gastronomy it's the new mecca for long weekenders. Tapas is made art in Cadiz - tapas-sized portions allows you to indulge in a wide variety of deliciousness. Cadiz's geography places it in the middle of the sherry triangle. The old town bars, the chiringuito / beach bars and seafood restaurants along Playa Victoria and Playa la Caleta, offer a wonderful array of finos, olorosos, manzanillas from El Puerto, Sanlúcar and Jerez as well as artisan vermouth.

Roman Theatre of Cadiz, the Cathedral tower are high on the tourist trail, as well as the Gadir archaeological site, where excavations have revealed of one of the oldest cities in the world.

This Tour Can Be Tailored to Your Requirements 

Day 1

Check in to your Malaga hotel for 2 nights

Day 2

Optional Guided Tour & Explore Malaga

Day 3

Rail Transfer to Granada for 2 nights

Day 4

Optional Guided Tour & Explore Granada

Day 5

Rail transfer to Ronda for 2 nights

Day 6

Optional Guided Tour & Explore Ronda

Day 7

Rail Transfer to Cordoba for 2 nights

Day 8

Optional Guided Tour & Explore Cordoba

Day 9

Rail Transfer to Seville for 2 nights

Day 10

Optional Guided Tour & Explore Seville

Day 11

Rail Transfer to Cadiz for 2 nights

Day 12

Optional Guided Tour & Explore Cadiz

Day 13

Check out & onward travel



Parts of Andalucia can become ferociously hot in mid summer, especially when you are in Seville which is located inland and on a plain. This may impact on your local sightseeing plans during the day, if you do not cope well with high temperatures out of doors. 


Excellent standard of accommodation in each centre from 2 stars+

Our standard hotels are very good. We do offer upgrades, boutique hotels and Paradors are all available - just ask if you want something special.

We will be happy to recommend a variety of places to eat and reserve your table should you wish.

Malaga Cuisine 

As the most cosmopolitan city in Andalucia, Malaga has undergone a true culinary revolution which has transformed it into one of the Mediterranean's top gastronomic destinations. From the traditional Tapas to the most sophisticated cooking styles, Malaga is the place to taste some of Spain's best gastronomy and local Malaga produced wines.

Dining Rondeño Style 

There are excellent restaurants perched around the Tajo gorge, some of which offer al fresco dining on their terraces or at least a window table with a fine view of the illuminated bridge. Albacara in Hotel Montelirio and the Duquesa de Parcent are in the old quarter. Tragabuches across the bridge is possibly the finest dining experience in Ronda, tucked discreetly in a passageway between Parador and Bullring.  Ronda has several superb boutique vineyards that offer tours and tastings - it's wine making reputation has rocketed in recent years.

Sevillan Cuisine 

The most popular way to eat is tapas as you meander the back streets. You can also order larger plates of the same dishes, racion (plate) or media racion (half plate).  We can give you plenty if ideas for the places to eat tapas or dine on a romantic rooftop over looking the Cathedral, or choose a degustacion (tasting) menu in Michelin style if you are in the mood to push the boat out.

Cordoban Dining 

Cordoban dishes are heavily influenced by Arab culture with its exotic spices: try cordero a la miel (honeyed lamb), or pastel cordobés (puff pastry with sweetened squash, or rape mozárabe (monkfish with raisins).

Grenadine Cuisine 

Elvira Street located near the Cathedral, is long stretch full of bars, taverns and bodegas. You'll find everything here - jazz clubs, a hammam (Turkish bath), late night bars, tapas bars, restaurants and the Caldererias with Moroccan crafts, fast food joints and tea shops. Paseo de los Tristes, by the banks of the Darro in the lower Albaycin, offers views of the Alhambra with several options here for eating, drinking and entertainment. Or treat yourselves and head up to the high Albaycin, and join the ranks of presidents, celebrated writers and hollywood stars who have enjoyed dining in the wonderful garden terrace overlooking the Alhambra.

Cadiz Seafood Gastronomy

This tiny Atlantic port is filled with surprises. The gastronomy is focussed on the incredible fresh fish and shellfish which are landed here daily, complimented by the local wines and sherry. You'll find a wide array of culinary styles here, modern and traditional, rustic and urban. The Cadiz Fish Market is inspiring, supplying all the local bars and restaurants with exceptional produce. You can also take a day trip to visit the Sherry Triangle which begins just up the coast at Sanlucar de Barrameda.


Our Your Guides

We work with first rate local accredited guides, who can take you on optional private guided tours of each centre.  They are our hand picked bi-lingual experts. They will help to ensure you get the most out of your time in each city or town.

Malaga Hit List

The Alcazaba

A medieval arabic fortress and royal residence, one of the best examples of Islamic architecture in Spain.

Picasso Museum

The world-famous artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga. His museum holds 155 of his works and is a place of pilgrimage for Picasso fans.

Relax the Malagueño way

Stroll along the beachfront and exotic gardens enjoying the Mediterranean sea breeze. Explore the old town with side streets packed with cafes and restaurants.

The Ronda Hit List

El Tajo & Puente Nuevo

This ancient white town appears to be suspended on a plateau, torn in half by a deep gorge “El Tajo” and spanned by an awe inspiring bridge. Ronda has an important multi cultural heritage with impressive monumental buildings echoing its Celtic, Phoenician, Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian heritage.

Culture & History

Fascinating small museums housed in splendid old buildings abound in Ronda. Artists have long been drawn to the town and it’s easy to see why it captivates so many visitors. Bull fighting is an integral part of the Andalucian psyche and the superb Plaza de Toros offers an insight to so much more than the deathly duel.

Wine & Dine

The lands around Ronda are home to some excellent boutique vineyards. Look out for Pasos Largos, Conrad, Los Aguillares and Chinchilla wines. There is a museum of wine close to the gorge and you may consider visiting a local bodega, such as Descalzos Viejos housed in a delightful former monastic setting, clutching onto the cliffs of the town.

Sevilla Hit List


The fusion of all of Seville's cultures and roots. Visit the Flamenco Dance Museum and take in an authentic show.

Spanish Master

The Bellas Artes gallery houses one of the finest collections of baroque paintings in Spain, set in a magnificent former 17th century convent and set around 3 patios. On Sundays an art market sets up stalls in the leafy plaza outside the museum, where you can pick up work direct from local artists.

Cafe Culture

The local pastime. Promenade from one tapas bar to the next, sampling the bite-size snacks that are the local signature dish. You can tailor your crawl within one neighborhood or by style. Choose to go for trendy, new wave tapas in a hip quarter or traditional fare in a former Moorish baths.

The Cordoba Hit List

The Mezquita

Is one of the jewels of the Islamic World. This is without a doubt one of the most singular religious building in existence. The site has been used for the worship since ancient times and shared throughout history by Muslims and Christians. The two distinct areas are the porticoed courtyard with minaret and the prayer hall - a forest of columns.

Jewish Quarter

Under the Muslim rulers, Jews and Christians were given religious freedom and self governing communities. Córdoba became the centre of culture and learning in the Jewish World. This was the home of perhaps Judaism’s most influential philosopher. The 1315 Synagogue stills stands today.

Calle de las Flores

A typical narrow, cobbled alley between whitewashed houses, its balconies and walls are decked out with flowers in terracotta pots, in characteristically vivid colours. The alley is located close to the north-east corner of the Mezquita and has a perfectly framed view of the Mezquita’s tower framed by flower-covered white walls.

The Granada Hit List


The most romantic building in the world is full of exquisitely decorated palaces with hidden courtyards and luxurious gardens. It is an alcazaba (fortress), an alcázar (palace) and a small medina (city), all in one - simply one of the greatest buildings in the world. Night visits are magical, with the illuminations echoing bygone days.


The old Arab Quarter, between the hill of the Alhambra, the hill of San Cristobal, the Sacromonte and Elvira. The Albaycin is like a different world within Granada due to the strong Muslim influence. Take a taxi then walk back down through all its narrow streets and experience the atmosphere of its bars and terraces. Watch the red sunset over the Alhambra.


The caves have been the homes of gypsies, bohemians and artists for centuries. The views are wonderful, especially as the sun sets on the towers of the Alhambra, and the white slopes of the Albaycin. The Sacromonte is the center of Granada flamenco: every night shows are organized, and at any time you can enjoy exhibitions in bars and terraces.

The Cadiz Hit List

Tapas Trail

El Faro - This famous seafood restaurant lies in the La Viña – the fisherman’s district, It's  near the San Sebastián castle and is celebrated for its exquisite seafood dishes. Take a masterclass in tapas, as fish and seafood is cooked as you wait in the cool, tiled bar. The tortillitas de camarones - fritters of tiny shrimps - are divine.  Calle Zorrilla, is the tapa-bar street par excellence, leads to the Alameda Apodaca Gardens the Genovés Park and perfect views of the ocean.  Enjoy a glass of local white wine or dry sherry to accompany your ocean fresh fish.

See It All - Take A Bike Tour

Take a bike tour of the Old Quarter and Historical Centre on a guided cycling tour. You will be covering the 3000 years of Cadiz history. Puerta de Tierra - majestic city gates; beautiful Playa de las Mujeres; Little Havana with its colourful houses, the Royal Prison, the 2000 years old Roman Theatre, Golden domed 13th Century Cathedral; Flower market; the Market of Cadiz packed with gastronomical delights, Caleta Bay a former Phoenician port, Santa Catalina and San Sebastian Castles, cycle in Genoves Park with 300 different trees; the Romantic promenade of Alameda Apodaca; the Falla Theatre, the new home of the Spain's No. 1 Carnival, Plaza España and Las Cortes monument, Plaza Mina's neoclassical mansions; the Tavira Tower the tallest watch tower, Plaza San Juan de Dios and the Admiral´s House. Your efforts will be rewarded with a refreshment in one of Cadiz beautiful squares.

Playa Victoria

As an antidote to all your sightseeing efforts, relax on this wonderful blue flag beach. The views are superb and the sandy seems to stretch fo ever. It's all very well kept and has excellent services with changing rooms, toilets, loungers, showers, lifeguards, restaurants and beach bars...


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