What to Eat in Seville

Seville will capture your heart and your palate. Exploring the narrow streets, little bars and immersing yourself in the night-time ambience is a joy.  

The devotion of the Sevillanos to their cuisine is enviable. Fabulous local produce is translated with great skill to the local bars, cafes and restaurants - here timeless classics sit side by side with modern fusion. I suggest you fill your time here on tapas crawls, strolling by the river for abreeze and marvel at the illuminated monuments of Spain’s golden age. 


Fried fish and seafood is almost an addiction in Andalucia. Frying fish here is an art - and you do not get a greasy plate of oily food. The fish is fresh, the batter light and the flavour fantastic - all it needs it a squeeze of lemon at most and best washed down with cold beer or dry white wine.
Look out for a sign displaying FREIDURIA for a specialist fried fish snack bar. Typical items are:-

Bacalao: Cod; Merluza: Hake; Gambas: Prawn; Tortillitas de Camarones: Tiny shrimp fritters; Choco: Cuttlefish; Calamares: Calamari/Squid rings; Huevos: Fish roe; Pescadillo - whiting;
Boquerones: Anchovies; Puntillitas: baby squid; Chiperones: small whole squid

If you MUST try it all - ask for a "surtido" and share a platter of heavenly fish with friends.

These are a true Andalucian delicacy. Deep fried sea anemone is one of the most unusual tapas you'll encounter. Battered and fried like little dumplings, the taste resembles fried oysters and most definitely has a taste of the sea.

The BEST jamon is acorn fed Iberian ham, jamón ibérico de bellota. Huelva province's Sierra de Aracena, (NW of Seville) produces some of the best ham in Spain.

One of the most well-known tapas in Spain - all chefs be they domestic or 3 Michelin Star Autours have the "best' family recipe for croquetas. There are many variations, with cheese, chicken, tuna, mushrooms, spinach - buy most popular are those made with Serrano Ham

Chickpea stew is another staple of the working family and served up in every home in Andalucia. It's a traditional Moorish dish of N Africa, made simply with spinach and seasoned with cumin.

On a hot Seville day try one of Andalusia's refreshing and delicious chilled soups. Both have a base of tomato. Salmorejo is creamier and usually topped with hard boiled egg and scraps of jamón; Gazpacho - really a salad soup comes garnished with cubes of cucumber, parsley, pepper and sometimes croutons. In summer, Gazpacho made with watermelon is sublime...

Pork cheeks, slow cooked as a stew, have long been served as standard home cooking all over Spain. Today the dish has been elevated to fine dining as well as tapas. You'll find versions made with pork (cerdo) and beef (ternera) - it's hearty, rich and melts in the mouth.

In the land of bullfighting, the meat of the bull or ox figures on most Sevillian menus, either as carne de toro (meat stew) or rabo del toro roasted bull tail. Both are delicious, with a deep and rich flavour.

Possibly the best cut of Iberian pork, it;s marbled with fat for a full flavour and a texture that melts in the mouth.

These little sandwiches come in many forms; As mini rolls or baguettes, split and filled with a variety of fillings or as small open sandwiches loaded with mouthwatering toppings:- vegetables, meat and fish all in more and more wonderful and exotic combinations.

A Sandwich of pork loin, Serrano ham and roasted pepper. Each tapas bar has it's own twist with other additions to the scrumptious lunchtime favourite.

EGG BASED DISHES                                                                                                                                 
Tortilla is the classic thick potato & egg omelette; Reveulto a dish of lightly scrambled eggs mixed with various ingredients from tomatoes, jamon, cheese, mushrooms, snails; Huevos codornices – look out for quail eggs either on their own or atop toasted bread with Serrano ham, Huevos rotos are softly poached eggs served with potatoes, chorizo and jamón.

Something sweet to finish - try these 'little tower" cakes. They are made with the elements of a sweet bread pudding, soaked in honey, milk, cinnamon and sugar. They are a great favourite at Easter, but they can be found all year round.

Seville borders the Sherry triangle, so no wonder the local's preferred tipple is often a glass of sherry. Try an ice cold, dry and salty glass of Manzanilla as a perfect accompaniment to tapas or as an aperitif.

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Jan 05, 2017 @ 4:30pm
In Seville last Spring I was amazed at the locals polishing off endless dishes of snails or glasses of snails in a peppery broth. I'd never come across this before - and it took a fair bit of practice - sucking the snails out of their shells or sticking in a cocktail stick and fishing them out. It a messy business at first, but practice makes perfect. Highly recommended!

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Jan 12, 2017
Jan 05, 2016