The main ways to travel around and explore Spain are by plane, train & hire car.

Plane:- There are many scheduled and chartered flight to airports all over Spain on a daily basis.

Please note that we are not licensed to sell flights, but we can assist you in finding your best travel option.

It's all part of our friendly service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Use the skyscanner tool below to find your tickets.


Train:- We can book your rail ticket to Spain and within Spain.

Some of our tours include train tickets.

Please note that we need your passport details in order to process ticket purchases.


Hire Car:- We can recommend AVIS for your car hire in Spain and will be happy to provide you with a quote.

You can collect AVIS cars at a wide range of sites within Spain, as well as pick up and drop off in different locations.


Skyscanner is an easy to use online tool that will assist you in finding the right flights from your home to Spain.

Please see the tour page or ask us which Spanish airport is the closest for you.

Finding your flight to Spain with Skyscanner is as easy as:

  1. Select a departure and destination for your trip and then click on SHOW FLIGHTS
  2. A new page will open; choose your departure and return dates, and follow the step-by-step instructions to book your flight.